Cave paintings of the Sierra de San Francisco, Baja California, Mexico

Custom tour / trek to see Grand Murals, call for information.

An invitation to unusual adventure on muleback into the mountains, midway down the peninsula to explore the rugged terrain, delicate ecology and Grand Murals found there. These murals, painted by an unknown people, represent some of the most distinctive rock art in North America. Publicized by author Earle Stanley Gardner in 1962, the murals are a treasured part of Baja's history.

Experience breathtaking scenery as you descend on mule to explore this mysterious and beautiful canyon, for four days. Some of the caves we'll visit are Cueva Pintada, the most well-known cave with 500 feet of well-preserved painted walls; Cueva de las Fletchas, named for painted human figures impaled with arrows; Cueva de la Soledad, that includes a checkerboard form and paintings of deer, rabbit, and birds; Boca de San Julio, a beautiful cave filled with paintings of deer, birds, and hybrid creatures of human and animal forms; and Cueva de Los Musicos. At night, watch a canopy of stars stretch above you, and enjoy food and conversation before climbing into your tent for the evening.

Trip typically includes van transportation between San Diego and the mountains, three nights hotel accommodations, four nights camping in the canyon, all meals while camping, three lunches en route, fiesta dinner at San Ignacio, all camping equipment, mules, entry fees, experienced Baja hosts and naturalist guides, small groups.

Cost: $TBD per person double occupancy.

Single Supplement: $TBD

Custom itineraries also available for small groups of 8-10 persons.

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