Guest comments about Baja Discovery whale watching trips to San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja Mexico

"It was a new dimension in natural beauty, a pristine paradise with superb compatibility between people and wildlife." Marion, Canada

"Your staff really made the trip pleasurable. After the whales, they were the icing on the cake!" Jana, CA

"On a scale of 1-10... a 15!" Pat, VA

"It was definitely an experience of discovery, opening up new worlds for me. The values of camp staff and management are wonderful-respect for the whales and other wildlife, compliance with all local regulations, low impact camping using solar power, leaving no refuse. It is wonderful that the camp has a position of leadership on the lagoon and sets such a wonderful example." Stacy, CA

"The discussions and the staff broadened our knowledge and awareness. It is nice to be educated as well as entertained! Thanks to you all!" Gertrude, CA

"Everything a vacation should be. It's been a privilege to be here. The staff were as gracious and personable as the whales! Unforgettable!" Julie, UT

Enthusiastic customers on tide flats north of San Ignacio Lagoon

"The best whale-watching spot in the world. I can't imagine not staying on Rocky Point." Ruth, CA

"Your entire operation was flawless in structure and content - can't really completely say how much we enjoyed our visit." Jim, TX

"A perfect 10. An experience of a lifetime!" Vicki, CA

"You run a great program - well organized camp, excellent staff - really a top rate tour! I know everyone works hard and it shows - thank you!" Anne, CA

"Sunrise to sunset and everything in between...GRAND!" Tom & Shirley, CA

"I tell everyone I never go back to a vacation spot because there are too many places to see, but this is my second and I'm sure there will be a third!" Martha, OH

"The whales were unbelievable, the camp picture perfect, the staff super friendly and organized, and the other guests delightful!" Pam, CA

"20 out of 10! I will be back!" Carol, WI

"This trip provided me with aesthetic experiences I never imagined, and gave me the best travel experience of my life!" Cindy, MI

Your staff was very energetic, positive and enthusiastic. It is always nice to be catered to. All of my needs were anticipated and met with ease and comfort." Marie, NV

"Observing the whales taught me to be back in the preciousness of the moment. Their trust, curiosity and grace were like visits from a beloved ancestor. It moved me deeply, and my heart will never be the same." Rita, CA


"This trip was worth every penny, and in fact priceless in experience." Carol, CA

"A+! The camp site couldn't have been more ideal. A peaceful place in nature that has been treated with respect thru the years." Belicia, CA

"Wonderful, relaxing...yet full of adventure." Mary, CA

"We anticipated that the trip would be quite nice and enjoyable, but it far exceeded our expectations. Every member of the BD staff, from our initial phone contacts, to our drivers, camp staff, boatmen, and others were helpful, fun to be with, and concerned that we had a good time. Thank you very much for a fantastic experience. We know we chose the right company!" Ken & Charlotte,WA

"That place rules!" Landon, age 12

"What I remember most about the trip is the motion-the whales moving slowing through the waves, the warm wind and the feeling that I just had to break into a run now and then because I was so full of life. Travel is always enlightening but Baja to make me see the world in color more than I ever have before. Thank You." Stacey, CA.

"Loved it! This was one of the most thoroughly organized trips I've ever been on. I really appreciated the care taken by management for the visitors and for the environment." Norma, CA

"I watched the whales in bed...It just doesn't get much better than that." Madeline, CA

"Still super after five trips, no reason not to come back for five more." Bob, CA


Baja Discovery has hosted and continues to host groups, including:

Bowers Museum

Calgary Zoo

Cactus and Succulent Society of America

International Wildlife Coalition

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Natural Resources Defense Council

Ocean Alliance

Pew Charitable Trusts

San Diego Natural History Museum

University of California Santa Cruz

The Whale Museum, Friday Harbor WA

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